Database CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete): Maintain Products

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    Database CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)

    This Database CRUD application lets you maintain products in the database. You can view, edit, copy, delete, or add records with this application. Additionally, the database CRUD application comes with sorting, searching, and pagination capabilities already built in.


      Use any of these buttons to modify records in your database. The buttons are labeled, in order: View, Update, Copy, and Delete. This icon, found at the end of the navigation window, allows you to insert new records into the table. This database CRUD application includes row and page counters, which let you quickly and easily move through the data set. You can click a column heading to resort the data based on that column. The Database CRUD application comes with advanced search built in. Filter the rows by selecting a column relationship and entering a value into the column heading input. Type a few letters into any column heading input and the Database creates a real-time list of possible valid matching values. You have the option of changing the number of records displayed per page.
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View Update Copy Delete A1000 26-inch Mens Mountain 100 Y 26.000 $350.00 Belarus
View Update Copy Delete A1010 24-inch Mens Mountain 100 Y 31.000 $320.00 China
View Update Copy Delete A1020 23-inch Boys Racer 100 Y 15.000 $550.00 China
View Update Copy Delete A1030 25-inch Mens Racer 100 Y 12.000 $500.00 Fiji
View Update Copy Delete A1040 27-inch Womens 15-Speed 100 Y 12.000 $150.00 China
View Update Copy Delete A1050 24-inch Black XTrainer 100 Y 14.000 $250.00 United States of America
View Update Copy Delete A1060 22-inch Red XTrainer 100 Y 10.000 $275.00 Canada
View Update Copy Delete B1000 Cable Lock 200 Y 4.500 $45.00 Malaysia
View Update Copy Delete B1020 U Lock 200 Y 2.000 $80.00 Malaysia
View Update Copy Delete B1030 Tail Light 200 Y 1.500 $24.50 Germany