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    Maintain Products

    This multi-use screen behaves differently based on how you entered (Add, Update, Copy, or Delete) it from the previous screen. We recommend you enter in Update mode to test all the features detailed below.


      The Return Data Feature allows you to call another application as a pop-up to list items. Then select an item from the list. The pop-up is closed, and the value is returned. Pop-Up Calendars allow you to easily select a date. As a developer you control the format, so you need not worry about users entering data in an incorrect format. Radio buttons allow for a user to select one of multiple options. In data entry, dropdown lists are terrific. They limit your user's choice to a predefined list and also provide pre-defined error checking! Checkbox entry provides a simplistic approach to declaring if a value is true or false. m-Power applications are smart too! They automatically stop users from entering bad data into the DB.
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    The m-Power Free Trial lets you use m-Power via the web, guiding you through the creation of two web applications. To demonstrate m-Power's capabilities, we'll build you a free proof-of-concept application using your own data. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Fill out this short form.

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